West Papua Police Chief Asked Police Members to be Neutral in Pilkada

Ahead of the simultaneous Pilkada held in 9 regencies in West Papua, West Papua Police Chief, Irjen Pol Dr. Tornagogo Sihombing S.I.K M.Si made a visit to Fafak Regency.

The Kapolda visit held a friendly meeting with the Regent of Fakfak and the officials of the Fakfak Regency Government, Forkopimda and Community Leaders, in this activity the Regent of Fakfak represented by the Fakfak Regional Secretary.

The Kapolda visit emphasized that members of the West Papua Police especially at Polres and at Polsek remain neutral.
"I, as the Chief of Police, have ordered all the Head of Police and their staff to remain neutral in their attitude towards the pilkada. Especially the Fakfak Police to remain neutral, "said Tornagogo.

This was emphasized by members of our duty, the National Police, to carry out their duties to maintain security stability so that the implementation of the regional elections in West Papua remains conducive.

Kapolda does not hesitate to take firm action for members who are not neutral. Moreover, this member entered the political sphere and also supported one of the candidate pairs, the witness's sentence was severe.

He explained that the elections this time were not the same as the previous ones. As an apparatus we continue to aggressively adhere to all parties to health protocols.

This helps government programs provide education or outreach for the implementation of 3M 1 to local communities.

So ask, members continue to provide education to the community. The most important thing is, this persuasive approach without any physical action is expected so that in the future the community is aware that it is important to obey the rules.

Therefore, all parties, be it religious leaders, women, adat and people from Fakfak, let us create a safe and conducive regional election. Without friction this conflict is not wanted.

Kapolda is optimistic that the area is safe and conducive. He hopes that the Pilkada in West Papua especially in Fakfak Regency will run smoothly.

In his remarks, the Secretary of Fakfak Ali Baham Temongmere welcomed the Kapolda along with his entourage in Fakfak district.

"Fakfak district is an old city and also a city of heroes and also a city of nutmeg," said the Secretary of Fakfak.
The Secretary of Fakfak also conveyed the meaning of One Tungku Tiga Batu in Fakfak district, which is a value that reminds people who have differences in religion, ethnicity, social status but in one place of brotherhood.

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