We Keep Keerom Regency Sitkamtibmas Ahead of Pilkada

Ahead of the Election for the Regent and Deputy Regent of Keerom Regency which will take place in December, Simon Kossay as the Chairperson of the Jayawijaya Harmony invites the public to maintain a conducive and safe situation of social security.

He revealed that the democratic party is a form of arena to find a leader who is able to contribute to development and also serve the community.

"For this reason, it is hoped that the community must join hands in maintaining the situation in Keerom Regency in order to remain safe and also maintain the unity and integrity of the nation among one another," said Simon.

Simon also added, related to several events that occurred in Keerom some time ago, he asked the public not to be easily provoked by hoax issues that could destroy Keerom Regency.

"As the chairman of the Jayawijaya Harmony, he asked all elements of society to fight hoax news that could cause chaos in Keerom, and for the incident some time ago it is hoped that all can accept and join hands for the advanced Keerom Regency," said Simon Kossay.

He urged, Let us all succeed the Pilkada of the Regent and Deputy Regent of Keerom Regency on December 9, 2020, to determine quality leaders and be able to advance Keerom Regency.

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