Three Paslon Pilkada Nabire participated in the debate in the RRI hall

The General Election Commission or KPU of Nabire Regency held the first open debate for Candidate Pairs for Regent and Deputy Regent of Nabire in the hall of RRI Nabire, Papua. The debate was attended by three pairs of candidates for the 2020 Regional Head Election of Nabire Regency, namely the pair Yuvinia Mote - Muhammad Darwis, Mesak Magai - Ismail Djamaluddin, and Fransiscus Xaverius Mote - Tabroni Bin M Cahya.

From the observation of Jubi journalists, the open debate was held on a limited basis and implemented the Covid-19 health protocol. KPU Nabire broadcasts the debate of the candidate pairs (paslon) live via YouTube RRI Net Nabire and the Facebook account of KPU Nabire, in order to make it easier for the public to watch the debate.

The head of KPU Nabire, Wilhelmus Degey said that the open debate discussed efforts to improve community welfare, advance the region, improve services to the community, solve regional problems, harmonize the implementation of regional development in districts / cities and provinces with the national, and strengthen the Republic of Indonesia and nationality. "With this debate, candidate pairs can spread their profile, vision, mission, and work program," said Degei in his speech.

The secretary of KPU Nabire, Michael Mote, said that the Nabire KPU will hold two debates between candidate pairs. "This year, KPU Nabire facilitated public debate twice, namely October and November 2020. The first one we have held, is still one more time," he said.

Mote added, the public debate is an arena to further introduce the candidate pairs to the public. Each candidate pair can also state their respective vision, mission and work program, to convince voters in the 2020 Regional Head Election of Nabire Regency.

The Pilkada in Nabire is part of the 11 Simultaneous Pilkada 2020 which will take place in Papua Province. A number of 10 other districts in Papua that will hold the 2020 Pilkada Simultaneously are Yalimo, Boven Digoel, Asmat, Merauke, Bintang Mountains, Yahukimo, Keerom, Mamberamo Raya, Supiori, and Waropen.

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