These Future Badminton Brothers Join the PON Papua Team

The Indonesian National Sports Committee (KONI) Papua is not playing games in pursuing its ambition to penetrate the top 3 positions in the XX National Sports Week (PON) in 2021.

Not only did they bring in a number of well-known coaches, but they also managed to attract national athletes.

One of them, Indonesia's future athlete, Chico Aura Dwi Wardoyo, will strengthen the Papuan contingent in the badminton sport.

This potential Indonesian badminton player did not refuse when he was offered to join Papua. This is because Chico himself was born in Jayapura City, the capital of Papua.

Chico Wardoyo said he was proud to be able to strengthen his homeland in the XX PON event. He promised to give the best for Papua.

"Of course because Papua is my host and land of birth, I will definitely give my best achievement in the XX PON. The preparation is maximal, we continue to train there (Jakarta), apart from world championships, our training is also for PON Papua, "said Chico.

Chico just joined the Papua team, a few days ago. He was not alone, his younger brother who was also a junior national badminton player, Ester Tri Wardoyo, also joined.

Ester also admitted that she was proud to be able to strengthen her homeland in the grand event of Indonesian sports, XX PON.

introducing two national badminton players who will strengthen the Papuan badminton team at the XX National Sports Week (PON) in 2021.

The two national badminton players are brothers born in Jayapura, Chico Aura Dwi Wardoyo and Ester Tri Wardoyo.

Meanwhile, Deputy Secretary of KONI Papua Rahmad Marimbun revealed that the presence of the two brothers was a matter of pride for the Papuan contingent, considering that both of them are athletes who are members of the Pelatnas team.

Marimbun hopes, with the presence of the two national badminton brothers, his party is optimistic that PBSI Papua can bring in a medal from the badminton sport PON XX.

"There is still time ahead of PON XX 2021, the chances of our athletes as hosts are quite large, especially if they take part in the national training for the world championships, hopefully glorious achievements in PON Papua," he hoped.

Wardoyo started his career at PB Pemda (now PB Cendrawasih), and moved to Jakarta to join the Exist club in 2013. In 2015, he was selected to join the national team as an apprentice member.

In 2016, he competed in the world junior championships and won a silver medal in men's singles. He is also a gold medalist for the 2018 BWF International Challenge after defeating his senior, Sonny Dwi Kuncoro.

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