The People of Jayapura City are Invited to Support Otsus

Support for the sustainability of Special Autonomy (Otsus) for Papua continues to be voiced by various layers of Papuan society, including indigenous people.

One of them is from Ondoafi Enggros Tobati Jayapura City, Herman Hamadi

"We are following the continuation of Otsus Papua and we must support it because the Otsus program is solely for the development and welfare of the Papuan people," said Herman.

According to him, the various positive impacts of the Otsus results have been felt by all levels of Papuan society. However, it is very unfortunate that there are still some groups who have continued to speak out against the continuation of Otsus

Let them speak, the most important thing is that we all still live in the territory of the Republic of Indonesia. Of course they also enjoy the results of Otsus, "said Herman.

He also invited the Papuan people, especially in Jayapura City to support the special autonomy program for the development and welfare of the Papuan people.

"We, together with other Papuans, want to live in peace and quiet and there will be no disturbances and killings. We must work together to protect the land of Papua so that it remains safe, peaceful and prosperous," he said.

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