The Papuan karate team has the potential to win medals at PON XX

The Papuan karate team, which will be deployed at the XX National Sports Week (PON) in 2021, has quietly become one of the sports that has the potential to gain medals at the grand sports event in Indonesia. The readiness of the Papuan karateka is considered quite positive.

Even though they have just lost one of their flagship karateka, Yolanda Asmuruf, who died in 2019, the Papuan karate team is still optimistic that they can present the best at PON XX.

Willing to go full strength in all numbers on the XX PON, the Papuan karate team will be strengthened by 17 of its best athletes. Although it is quite potential to gain medals, the board of the Karate-Do Indonesia Sports Federation (FORKI) Papua under the leadership of Kristhin L. Mano only targets 3 gold medals.

The Chief Executive of FORKI Papua, Anthon Raharusun, said that the athletes are ready to fight for PON XX, after undergoing training camp (TC) for 9 months in Depok, West Java, since last February.

"We have 17 athletes and we will go down with a full team in XX PON for all kumite numbers and the men's and women's teams said. Our team has been undergoing TC in Depok for 9 months since last February. Of course with the training material during the TC, we are very optimistic and are targeting 3 gold from the original target of 2 gold, "said Raharusun.

"But we are also sure that we can get more medals if we look at our already far enough readiness. From the technical point of view and our other readiness, we are very much ready to look at the XX PON, "he continued.

After undergoing a series of physical tests for parameter II held by KONI Papua, two days ago, the head coach of Papua karate, Sensei Zakarias M. Sogorom, admitted that the performance of his foster children was very significant, although until the end of this year he assessed that his team's readiness had only reached 60 percent.

It is not wrong to say that the Papuan karate team will have the potential to gain medals at the XX PON event in 2021. The reason is, the appearance of the Papuan karateka during the tournament on Java Island is very impressive. Their performance is consistent and they never fail to get a medal.

At the International Open Championship Mayor's Championship which was held in Surabaya, in July 2019, the Papuan karateka won 9 medals with 2 gold medals, 2 silver medals, and 5 bronze medals.

The Papuan karate team is getting steadily towards the XX PON event. Their young karateka were obsessed with the achievements made by the late Yolanda Asmuruf. Moreover, Cenderawasih Earth will act as the host.

Erfit Naninti is arguably one of the potential athletes the Papuan karate team currently has. Karateka who was born in Muna grew up in Sorong City. PON XX will be his second appearance with the Papua team.

When making his debut at PON XIX West Java in 2016, Erfit became one of two Papuan karateka who successfully presented medals, in addition to Yolanda Asmuruf. Although only a bronze medal, he was only 21 years old at that time.

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