The NTT football team does not want to pass by PON Papua

The East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) soccer team made a surprise by qualifying for PON 2021 Papua and with these results it is hoped that not only will pass the biggest four-year championship in the country. "We are proud because after 30 years of football in East Nusa Tenggara can finally qualify for the competition. PON Papua which will be held in October 2021, "said the East Nusa Tenggara Association of Indonesian Football Association (PSSI) Chairman Frans Lebu Raya in Kupang, Saturday.

The former NTT governor for the two periods admitted that in general the NTT PSSI did not impose high targets on the football team. However, he hopes that his team will not give up immediately because the opportunity to achieve the best results remains open.

"We don't have a target, but we will show a good game that can at least give results for football in NTT," added Frans Lebu Raya.

Even though it did not burden the target, the PDI-P politician said that if NTT football could win a medal at the championship which was supposed to be held this year, it was an additional surprise and was expected to be able to support the development of football in NTT.

"Of course if our players in PON play well, of course there will be many football clubs in Indonesia and this will be a matter of pride for us, NTT," he added.

Meanwhile, the PSSI Association held an Ordinary Congress 2020 which was attended by 22 regency / city associations in NTT. There were several agendas discussed including the addition of new members from club elements, namely Bintang Timur Atambua, Kristal FC and also Putra Oesao FC.

Frans added that the existence of the three football clubs shows that football in NTT is growing as in other provinces which have many clubs from several levels of competition.

"We expect support from all parties, including the community, to support football in NTT, because football is a sport that is loved by all people of the world," said Frans Lebu Raya.

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