The Jakarta chess team is targeted to be the overall champion of PON Papua

Head of DKI Jakarta Percasi Provincial Management Pandapotan Sinaga is determined to restore the glory of chess in the capital, one of which is by bringing his chess team to win the overall title at the Papua National Sports Week (PON) which will be held on October 2-13, 2021.

This determination was conveyed by Pandapotan Sinaga after being inaugurated as Chairperson of the Jakarta Provincial Government for the 2020-2024 period by PB Percasi Chairman Utut Adianto, and was also witnessed by Deputy Governor of DKI Jakarta Ahmad Riza Patria in Jakarta, Monday night.

"I continued with my old Percasi board members. In the long period, I only won second place. For this year we can become first place and overall champion at the PON level, "said Pandapotan.

Pandapotan acknowledged that it was tough to realize his determination. However, he believes that with his new management, especially with the presence of Prasetyo Edi Marsudi as Chairman of the Board of Trustees, various targets can slowly be achieved.

Not only did he excel in PON, in the first period of his stewardship after the inauguration, he also conveyed his desire to be able to carry out athlete coaching even better, namely starting from an early age such as elementary, junior high and high school. If this can be done consistently, according to him, it is not impossible that Jakarta will not only produce more new grand masters, but also become a barometer of chess development in Indonesia.

"We are determined to carry out coaching from an early age, meaning starting from elementary, junior high, high school to clubs. With consistent coaching, hopefully we can produce a new GM, "he said.

Hope was also conveyed by the Deputy Governor of DKI Jakarta Ahmad Riza Patria. He hopes that various elements such as businessmen, bureaucrats and members of the council can help provide guarantees for the glory of chess in the capital city.

"I am happy to hear the determination of the DKI Jakarta Percasi Administration to restore the glory of chess in the capital city as a barometer of development and achievement of chess achievements," said Riza Patria.

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