Support Otsus for the Right to Life of the Papuan People

Head of the Jayapura City Inter-Religious Communication Forum (FKUB), Pastor Willem Itaar, reminded all parties to maintain the value of goodness that exists in Papua, so that they always live in peace.

According to him, there are a number of national agendas that will be implemented in Papua, starting from PON XX which will be held in 2021, then there are also 11 districts that will carry out simultaneous regional elections on December 9, to the existence of special autonomy (Otsus) in Papua.

Willem said, there are groups that reject Otsus, there are also groups that accept Otsus. However, Otsus is a struggle, so it is not as easy as turning your palms to reject it.

"Who is enjoying Otsus? Who refused? And who invites the community to take action against? Do not enjoy the special autonomy funds, they are the ones who invite the public to refuse again, ”he said, Thursday, November 12, 2020.

Willem invites all parties in Papua to support the government to pay attention to the needs of the people in Papua.

“If you get support, the Special Autonomy Law can regulate the rights and obligations of the Papuan people. Moreover, the land of Papua has been declared a land of peace, so that those who live on this land, even though we are of different ethnicity, race, skin color, are the real beauty, "he said.

So, he advised the people in Papua not to be easily provoked by certain elements who would disturb the unity and integrity in Papua.

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