Sultra selection of rowing paddlers to face XX PON

KONI Southeast Sulawesi and PODSI selected 22 of the best rowing specialists in rowing to finalize their readiness to face PON XX Papua 2021.

The rowing coach for Southeast Sulawesi, Jamaluddin, in Kendari, said that currently 22 athletes are undergoing non-campus training to fight for the quota for the core team for rowing PON XX / 2021, totaling 18 people.

The training program that is running in the midst of the corona virus pandemic has not reduced the enthusiasm of athletes and the volume of training material that continues to run well.

"The athletes undergo non-campus training while adhering to the health protocol as recommended by the government," said Jamaluddin, the national rowing coach.

"Even though the training took place in the midst of the corona pandemic situation, the athletes and we (coaches) are committed to carrying out the training program as well as possible," he added.

He admits that the challenge of winning the PON gold medal is not as easy as turning your hand because athletes from other regions have the same determination to become champions.

However, an optimistic spirit must be built with strong conviction through hard training to pick up opportunities to win the XX PON Papua.

Athletes and coaches appreciate the support of the Southeast Sulawesi Regional Government and the DPRD through KONI for holding a non-campus training center.

He invited the people of Southeast Sulawesi to pray for the athletes to always be in good health so that they will fight for the best achievements in the PON arena with full concentration.

Trainers like Southeast Sulawesi Asnain expect the provision of training facilities in the form of boats to be realized soon to spur athletes' enthusiasm to practice.

"Some of the boats used for training have to be replaced because they are old and inferior in quality to other regions," said Asnain.

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