Refuse RDP, Fighters and Veterans in Jajawijaya Support Otsus

Dozens of representatives of Pepera warriors, veterans and traditional representatives who are members of the Jayawijaya Regency Red and White Front held a peaceful demonstration in front of the Autonomous Office of Weneule Huby Wamena, Jayawijaya Regency.

The action was held as a form of rejecting the implementation of a hearing (RDP) in the Lapago Region, and on the other hand, the Pepera figures, fighters and veterans still asked that Otsus Volume II be continued.

Alex Doga, a Jayawijaya Veteran figure representing warriors and veterans in Jayawijaya Regency, expressed his support for the implementation of Otsus in Papua.

"Today we are warriors, pioneers, and veterans, who are present at the regent's office to convey our aspirations that we all support special autonomy," said Alex Doga.

As a veteran figure, Alex Doga along with veteran figures and fighters in Jayawijaya accepted the development given by the central government.

Alex admits that with the special autonomy system which has been running for almost 20 years, Jayawijaya Regency has been more advanced than before the existence of Otsus.

"There are those who want to reject Otsus, but I represent fighters and veterans in accepting this development, I am very grateful to the government for the development, thanks to the regents, governors and even Mr. Jokowi (president)," he emphasized. Otsus is very helpful for the people in Jayawijaya and Lapago Region , because the presence of Otsus has provided concrete evidence through development in Papua and particularly in Jayawijaya.

He also asked the central, provincial and district governments to focus on paying attention to the children of heroes and veterans in Jayawijaya and the Lapago Region.

Meanwhile, the Regent of Jayawijaya Jhon Richard Banua, upon receiving the arrival of the crowd, promised to convey his aspirations to the leadership, in this case the Governor of Papua.

"We will continue this aspiration and also coordinate with the MRP, DPRP and also the governor of Papua. These are the aspirations of the people so that we, the government, are tasked with continuing to the top level, "he said.

After listening to the Jayawijaya Regent's response, the mass representatives submitted an official statement of stance to the regent. The statement consisted of several requests including accepting Otsus Volume II, rejecting the RDP to be carried out by the MRP and DPR in the Lapago Region, accepting 21 new autonomous regions for the Central Highlands of Papua, and also rejecting the activities of the MRP and DPRP Papua in the Lapago region.

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