Reasons Papuan Muslim Students Support Otsus Continued

A number of Muslim activists and students from West Papua in Jakarta have encouraged the government to continue special autonomy. They also asked that Otsus pay attention to the education of Papuan pesantren. This was expressed by Papuan Muslim activists at a press conference held by the United Muslim Papuan Student Solidarity which took place at the Bekasi Dormitory.

Present at the press conference, three Muslim activists, Yusran Imasuli and Bilken Puarada from the Muhamadiyah University Jakarta, Rumadhan Burawerei from Juanda University Bogor conveyed the aspirations of Muslim students who want the government to implement Otsus for the benefit of Papua's future.

"Basically we Papuan Muslim students in Jakarta provide support for Otsus, but we also hope that in this special autonomy there will be attention to pesantren education", said Bilken Puarada at that time.

These three acitists assess that Otsus is very important and has proven to have a major contribution to Papua, but the religious education sector has not been given total and equitable attention.

"There is an impression that the government distributes the special autonomy fund more to those in the regions, while the education of Papuan children who are outside the region does not receive the same portion. In fact, the pesantren belongs to Papuan children and has educated so many children to make changes in Papua in the future, "he explained.

On the other hand, they reveal that in Papua it is dominated by three major religions and has become the religion of our brothers. Because of that, it would be very appropriate if the budget given both received a portion and attention from the special autonomy fund itself.

They also hope that this special autonomy will be continued with a note that there is a good evaluation from the government in order to improve the sector that Papuans need.

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