Public Debate of Two Yahukimo Candidates Broadcasted by RBS and TVRI Papua

The General Election Commission (KPU) of Yahukimo Regency held a first round of public debate for two candidates for regent and deputy regent for the 2020-2025 period, Tuesday (10/11/2020) night at the Mercure Hotel, Jayapura City.

The candidate debate was broadcast live on TVRI Papua and Radio Bumi Sumohai (RBS) Yahukimo.

Yesaya Magayang, chairman of the KPU Yahukimo district, said that this debate was more focused on the theme of "reforming the bureaucracy and public services towards a prosperous Yahukimo society".

"This activity is in accordance with the national agenda for the 2020 simultaneous regional elections, so that after carrying out several stages, we are now holding a candidate debate program broadcast by TVRI and Radio Bumi Sumohai, so that the public will follow all the descriptions of the vision and mission of these two prospective candidates," he said.

The reason it must be broadcast through two media, according to Isaya, is that the Yahukimo people watch TVRI a lot and listen to radio, as well as online media in the regions.

"This debate is the first, and we hope that in the second place, the public will continue to participate so that on December 9 they can select candidates according to the results of the assessment and presentation of the vision and mission of the two best candidates for Yahukimo."

Meanwhile, Sepius Mirin, chairman of the Yahukimo Regency General Election Supervisory Agency (Bawaslu) said the stages carried out by the KPU were in accordance with the PKPU mechanism for Pilkada, including adhering to health protocols.

After the first round of open debates, he hopes that the next debate will be held in Yahukimo while maintaining the Covid-19 protocol.

The candidate debate was guided by Jackson Jumame with questions compiled by panelists and read out to be answered by the two candidate pairs (paslon) for the regent and deputy regent of Yahukimo district.

The first round of public debate was attended by Acting Regent Yahukimo Hosea Murib, Kapolres Yahukimo AKBP Deni Herdiana, Kasdim 1715 Yahukimo Major Inf. Ivan Pambudi, and the success team of the two candidate pairs along with supporting party officials, as well as a number of other invitees.

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