Pelatda PON XX Papua, this is what Gantole Banten does

Gantole Banten focuses on increasing athletes' flying hours, as a form of preparation for the XX Papua National Sports Week (PON).

This proves that hang gliding sports do not want to relax, to improve the quality of their athletes before competing in the biggest four-year multievent sport in Indonesia.

Therefore, the hang gliding sport routinely holds exercises in Tanjung Lesung, Pandeglang Regency. In addition to training in the coastal area, they train at Gorda Air Base, to increase the flying hours of Banten hangers.

By practicing in Tanjung Lesung and Gorda, the athletes can focus and enthusiastically because they train in different conditions.

"Hang gliding is synonymous with flying hours. The more hours of flying and repetitions in training, the athlete can become more proficient in mastering equipment and understanding weather conditions," said Banten Hang gliding trainer and athlete Aji Enoh.

He added that training at the Tanjung Lesung tourist location was an exercise filled with flight technique training.

The reason is that in one month, every second week is filled with training to strengthen the technical abilities of athletes, consisting of Agung Permana, Ening Kurni, Tubagus Husni Mubarak, and Aji Enoh.

"Within a month we practice alternately, the first and third week we fill it with physical training. Meanwhile, the second and fourth week athletes are forged with technical training that prioritizes flying hours," he said.

In this technical training, the man from Pandeglang revealed that athletes were also emphasized to master the two numbers competed in the PON, namely landing accuracy (KTM) and cross country.

He emphasized that although most of the Banten hang gliding athletes mastered the KTM numbers, he also wanted to master the cross country numbers. That way, it is hoped that Banten has a lot of potential to be able to gain gold medals in addition to the KTM number at the XX Papua 2021 PON later.

"We want to add to the collection of gold medals for Banten in PON later, so we are trying to master cross country numbers," he said.

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