Papuan Muslim Leaders Reveal Reasons for People Who Want to Stop Otsus

Papuan Muslim leaders agreed to support the continuation of special autonomy (Otsus) in Papua and West Papua. The reason for this reason is that people who want to stop the policy are provoked by the elite.

The chairman of MUI Papua, KH Saiful Islam Al Fayage said, although there are deficiencies in its implementation, Papua's Otsus still needs to be continued to improve the welfare of the community.

"I said that Otsus is still running, but it needs to be reconstructed. Because this is a policy for Papuans to compete with their relatives outside the region," said Saiful in Jayapura City, Papua.

The group that opposes the special autonomy system is also considered too phobic about the policy. Especially if it comes to voicing Free Papua.

"Free Papua is not that easy. Because Papua is recorded in the UN twice, it will not be easy, and there is still Freeport," he said.

Meanwhile, Thoha Al Hamid, the board of KAHMI Papua also conveyed the same thing. According to him, the special autonomy group was only used as a protection for the Papuan elite who had spent the special autonomy fund.

"Because they are these elites do not want to be investigated regarding the use of the special autonomy funds, they have been ordered by the independent Papuan group to go forward and reject the special autonomy system.

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