Papua Special Autonomy Supports the Religious Sector

Religious leaders in Jayapura Regency, Pdt. Edison Korwa said that since the central government issued Special Autonomy (Otsus) for Papua so far it has brought changes in all sectors, one of which is in the religious sector.

According to him, Otsus has been quite helpful in developing the Church and its congregation, especially in the GKI Nimboran Klasis. Hence himself giving
support for the continuation of Otsus.

"In terms of religion, the special autonomy fund issued by the central government is very helpful for us Papuans, especially for the church. The Special Autonomy fund is very helpful in building churches both physically and mentally for God's people in Papua," explained Korwa, Sunday, October 11. 2020.

Pastor Korwa also asked the government to manage the Special Autonomy fund professionally so that it is right on target and its impact can be felt by all Papuan people.

"The sustainability of Otsus is currently very important for all sectors, but what is an important note is that there must be a better evaluation of use and supervision," he explained.

On another occasion, the former Chair of the GKI Synod in Tanah Papua, Pastor Albert Yoku, S.Th, who has the largest congregation in Papua, stated that Otsus has made a positive contribution to the church and congregation in Papua. Among these are the creation of employment opportunities for indigenous Papuans and the increasing number of public officials who are indigenous Papuans who in fact are members of the church.

In addition, there has also been an increase in the acceptance of offerings and tithes, as well as the construction of physical facilities and infrastructure such as churches, houses for church servants and access to churches. "So as a former Synod chairman, I admit how positive Otsus is. I always have the principle that the implementation of Otsus which is well done, focused and well-directed will be able to reduce various forms of political upheaval and conflict in the land of Papua, ”he said.

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