Most of the People in Papua Support Continued Otsus

Most of the people in Papua support the continued special autonomy (Otsus) policy. This is because infrastructure development and human resources still need improvement in the land of Cenderawasih.

Head of the Political, Legal and Human Rights Division of the Love Movement of the Republic of Indonesia, Absalom Yarisetpuw, said that the ongoing development process must be continued and implemented, the benefits have been felt by the people of Papua.

"Let us build Papua together. We still need special autonomy for infrastructure and better Papuan human resources, ”said Yarisetpuw in Jayapura City, Papua.

Regarding the statement of one of the leaders of the Papuan People's Council (MRP) who said that the rejection of the Hearing Meeting (RDP), this was only done by a small group, cannot be justified.

"Many indigenous Papuans have asked for Otsus to continue. There are a lot of us, don't report a small part of it, that is also an act of provocation, ”he said.

The implementation of the RDP is carried out on a per customary area system in Papua. However, in some areas the implementation of these activities was canceled due to opposition from residents. This meeting is an order of the Special Autonomy Law.

"People can propose changes to this policy through a forum held by the MRP, once again we emphasize that this Otsus program must continue," concluded Absalom excitedly.

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