Longginus Fatagor Supports Otsus Continuously

The traditional leader of Keerom Longginus Fatagor Regency, supports the continuing Special Autonomy (Otsus) and asks the government to also work hard, to oversee the management of Otsus money.

"I support the continuing special autonomy and I am proposing it to the central government and regional government of Papua," he said

Continue, so that the Otsus money is channeled directly to every Orang Asli Papua (OAP) in all customary areas in Papua Province. Indigenous territories of Tabi, Saereri, La Pago, Mee Pago and Animha.

Now the government is trying to think about it. The correct action is if you can calculate how much per OAP head? And the special autonomy money cannot go anywhere and give it to the village. Just don't misuse it. If it's just love that's dangerous, "said Longginus Fatagor.

Longginus Fatagor said he disagreed with most of the traditional leaders in Papua, who suggested that the Otsus money be transferred to the respective OAP accounts.

'I don't agree, because it will be destroyed. OAP is the only negative thing about him being able to buy weapons or other items that are not profitable, as has happened so far, "he said.

He also hopes for each head of the family to use the Special Autonomy money for productive activities in the fields of education, economy, people's economic empowerment and infrastructure. Especially for infrastructure, such as improving village roads, water reservoirs and others.

"The Special Autonomy money is given, for example, how many members of the family are there. Rp. 10 million per head of the family, we give the money. Maybe we can buy a cow, the important thing is we can turn it on. So, that is so that the special autonomy money is used right on target, the others are not used, "he said.

According to him, one head is pegged at Rp. 1 million multiplied by Rp. 10 million for Otsus per family head of how many billion Otsus money is. For example, Rp. 10 trillion, certainly Rp. 1 million for each OAP, is very sufficient.

"So if each head of the family can earn Rp. 1 million, then gradually OAP can be prosperous," he concluded.

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