KONI Medan Asks Athletes to Continue to Apply Health Protocols

The Medan City Indonesian National Sports Committee (KONI) asked athletes to continue to apply health protocols in training. This is an effort to prevent exposure to Covid-19.

"Activities or programs can be held, of course, by implementing health protocols in order to prevent exposure to Covid-19," said Chairman of KONI Medan Eddy Sibarani.

Eddy conveyed that this was related to the holding of a taekowondo championship by the City of Medan Taekwondo Pengkot Indonesia (TI) on November 13-15, 2020. He praised and appreciated Medan Taekwondo City Administration (TI) Medan who is committed to running programs and activities especially at the end of this year. "We are certainly proud of the Medan IT management which immediately held programs and activities. Even though it is relatively new, it is already active with its programs," he said.

According to Eddy, not many Pengkot can be like TI Medan, which immediately kicked off and had a scheduled program after its formation, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic like today. "Medan TI City Pengkot has shown it can and KONI Medan is certainly proud and appreciative."

Eddy also conveyed that in 2024 North Sumatra (North Sumatra) will host PON with Aceh. He continued, four years was not long for the athlete preparation period until the multievent grand activity was carried out. "For the XX PON which will be held in Papua next year the athletes representing North Sumatra have been selected, where the Medan City taekwondo athletes still dominate the North Sumatra contingent," he said.

Meanwhile, Head of Medan City IT, Hamdani Syahputra, said that the management of Medan IT for the period 2020-2024 was the result of Muscat July 2020. Among the activities that had been rolled out after the formation of the new management, he continued, were, among others, the level-up exam activities last October, and then the championship. Poomsae in North Sumatra next week. "After that, it will continue with Gashuku activities at the end of November, and in December there will also be a 2020 Work Meeting arranged with an outbound," he said.

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