KONI Central Java monitoring and evaluation of Featured Sports

The Indonesian National Sports Committee (KONI) in Central Java conducts monitoring and evaluation (monev) of leading sports (sports). The sports that are monitored are those targeted for achievement in the XX Papua National Sports Week (PON).

The chairman of the Central Java KONI, Brigadier General TNI (Purn) Subroto, stated that the target of Central Java for the success of PON Papua was to carry out activities in the form of decentralization exercises during the Covid-19 pandemic. In addition to training, his party also asked sports to hold championships with standard health protocols.

"The championship still needs to be held even though there is a Covid-19 outbreak, to measure the achievement of the coaching and training that has been carried out so far. You can use face-to-face online applications and several sports have done it," said Subroto while visiting the new Provincial Executive Secretariat (Pengprov). Taekwondo Indonesia, Central Java, Wednesday (18/11) yesterday.

He hopes that the spread of Covid-19 in 2021 can be controlled and the number will decrease. So that the training can be scheduled in a centralized manner, so that the training material can be controlled and measured.

In addition to conducting monev for Taekwondo, in the future we will also conduct monev in wushu, shooting, athletics, rock climbing, and billiards. "We hope that the flagship main sports can contribute at least to achievements through two to three gold medals," he added.

On that occasion, Subroto's visit was received by the Head of Central Java TIprov Master Alex Harjanto and the board of directors. On that occasion it was also revealed that the assets of the new secretariat office on Jalan Sedane No.10 Bugangan and a minibus with a maximum capacity of 16 people for accommodation for athletes are the results of the self-help of the prov and branch administrators (pengcab) of IT throughout Central Java.

"We independently together with IT branches throughout Central Java are compact in preparing facilities that support coaching. Nearby, we plan to upgrade kyorugi and poomsae coaches, send quality coaches to areas that are lagging behind in taekwondo coaching, hold virtual championships, and do try-in-try. out, "said Alex

According to him, input from the Chairman of the Central Java KONI will soon be implemented, one of which is to immediately organize a virtual Taekwondo championship and always evaluate the program plans and implementation time for one year. In the past, Taekwondoin Central Java has also recently presented its achievements in the Poomsae Senior National Championship which was conducted virtually. In the national championship, he won two gold medals and three silver medals.

Two gold medals were presented by Mutiara Habiba (single woman) and Besta Noviana (female freestyle). The silver medals were won by M Hafiz (men's singles) and women's teams (Mutiara Habiba, Besta Noviana, Beste Noviana) and the pair category (Felix Danar and Thalita).

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