Invitation of Religious Leaders in Papua Ahead of the 2020 Pilkada

A religious figure in Papua who is also the Chairperson of the Indonesian Pentecostal Church Alliance (PGPI) in Papua Province, Pastor. M.P.A. Mauri invited all parties to comply with the rules in maintaining security and order ahead of the 2020 regional elections, including ahead of Christmas and New Year.
"We must maintain harmony between religious communities and maintain a safe and conducive situation of security and order," he said.

Moreover, currently the Papuan People's Assembly (MRP) is holding a General Hearing Meeting (RDPU) in 5 indigenous Papuan territories.

"As religious leaders, we ask all participants who attend the RDPU to comply with health protocols, and comply with the Decree of the Papua Police Chief," he explained.

Reverend Mauri added that the Papua Police Chief's Declaration clearly contained several points that had to be done in the MRP RDPU.

"The edict that he has issued is not to prohibit the RDPU or limit community activities in Papua, but to prevent an increase in corona patients with the occurrence of new clusters in RDPU activities that present a large number of people," he explained.

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