Indigenous People Feel that Papua is Getting More Advanced

The Chairperson of the Indigenous Peoples Organization (LMA), PB Maurids Saiba, raised his voice regarding the implementation of Special Autonomy which has been going on for nearly 20 years in the Land of Papua.

He expressed his support for the implementation of Otsus in the Land of Papua, which according to him, Otsus has provided many benefits in development in all fields in Papua.

"Many religious leaders, fighters, youths, etc. in Papua have started to support Otsus Papua," said Maurids.

He and other traditional leaders accepted the development provided by the central government. He wants Papua to progress through Otsus like other regions in Indonesia.

"The people do not want to be provoked by the call to reject the Papua Special Autonomy. We actually thank the government for the faster and more advanced development in Papua, "he said.

He continued, by accepting the special autonomy to be continued, he hoped that development in Papua in particular would continue to be carried out. His party asked the local government to pay attention to the children of heroes in Papua and also veterans.

"As indigenous Papuans, we have felt the benefits of Special Autonomy volume 1 and Papua is getting more advanced," he concluded.

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