Government holds a coordination meeting for the 2020 Pilkada preparation

The Yalimo Regency Government (Pemkab), Papua Province held a coordination meeting (rakor) with the Yalimo Regency General Election Supervisory Board (Bawaslu), Yalimo Regency KPU, TNI / Polri, as well as the success team of the two candidate pairs of Regent and Deputy Regent of Yalimo who will fight in the Pilkada 2020.

The coordination meeting was held in the context of realizing regional head elections (pilkada) that were democratic, with integrity, authoritative, quality, legal, professional, neutral, accountable, effective and efficient, and prioritized openness, justice and equal political rights to create democracy in the Yalimo community.

"This meeting was held to discuss several agendas, including an indication that ASN was involved in the campaign of one of the candidates," said Acting. Yalimo Regent, Simeon Itlay, after leading the coordination meeting, in the Yalimo Regent meeting room

He emphasized that he had held a meeting on the same day, so that all state civil servants (ASN) in the district in the central highlands of Papua could show a neutral stance in the regional elections.

"If these rules are violated, we will provide sanctions in accordance with the applicable rules," he said.

Acting Regent Simeon Itlay explained that in the near future his party would hold a meeting with five district heads and 300 village heads in Yalimo Regency, to head for the safe, peaceful, and democratic Pilkada of Yalimo Regency on 9 December 2020

Another agenda that will be discussed, added Simeon Itlay, Yalimo Regency Government will coordinate in an integrated manner with Forkopimda Jayawijaya Regency and Forkopimda Yalimo Regency to find solutions for passenger flow, traffic from the direction of Jayapura, Keerom, Yalimo, and Wamena.

"About the Covid-19 health protocol and there is also the smuggling of liquor so that we can control the social problems that exist in the Lapago region," he said.

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