Five South Tangerang Archery Athletes Have XX Papua PON Tickets

Five athletes in the Archery sport (sports) of South Tangerang City managed to get tickets to advance to the prestigious national level sports event, the XX Papua National Sports Week (PON).

The XX PON Papua itself, which was originally held this year, was postponed to 2021 due to the outbreak of the Covid-19 Pandemic in Indonesia and the world. The five athletes who will represent Banten Province are currently undergoing the Banten Regional Training Center (Pelatda).

“Five athletes each for the Compound Division are Danara Handadja and Syahara Khoerunis, National Division; Ahmad Mumtaza and Arinda Puspsarani J, while for the Recove Division; Ryan Rafi Adiputro (platnas), ”said Neng ST Sadiah, the coach of the Archery Sports of Tangsel City, who gave birth to many archery athletes including the five athletes.

Neng admitted that at this time, he did not train them anymore because there was already a special trainer for the Pelatda team from Banten Province. "In the past, now they are Platda athletes, with a coach from Banten," said Neng.

Currently, a number of South Tangerang Archery athletes are being prepared for the Banten 2021 Regional Student Sports Week (POPDA) team. As well as training the POPDA team, Neng is also actively training at the club.

"The POPDA team routinely trains at the Archery Field in the Puspiptek area of ​​South Tangerang, Banten," concluded Neng.

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