Customary leaders and traditional community leaders in Wamena

Dozens of residents together with the Indigenous Peoples Organization (LMA), community leaders and Indonesian Independence Struggle veterans came to the government building, the Wenehule Huby Autonomous Building.

They Request Regarding the implementation of Special Autonomy which has been going on for almost 20 years in the Land of Papua.

Alex Doga, a Jayawijaya Veteran figure representing the community, expressed his support for the implementation of Otsus in Tanah Papua, which according to him, Otsus has provided many benefits in development in all fields in Papua.

"Today we are religious leaders, warriors, pioneers, youth leaders, women, we are present at the regent's office to convey our aspirations that we all support otsus," said Alex Doga.

Himself as a veteran and Tomas in Wamena and traditional and religious leaders accept the development provided by the central government. He wants Papua and especially Jayawijaya to progress like other regions in Indonesia.

"There are those who want to reject special autonomy, but I represent the fighters. I accept this development. I am very grateful to the government for the development, thanks to the regents, governors and Mr. Jokowi (president).

He continued by accepting the special autonomy to be continued, he hoped that development in Papua and Jayawijaya in particular would continue to be carried out.

On that occasion he also asked the local government to pay attention to the children of heroes in Jayawijaya and also veterans.

Meanwhile, the Regent of Jayawijaya Jhon Richard Banua, who received the arrival of the crowd, promised to convey these aspirations to the leadership, in this case the governor.

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