Badung All Out Supports Kabbadi

We have high hopes that the Badung men's Kabbadi team will be selected for the exhibition at PON Papua. The reason is, the Badung Kabaddi team was the overall champion in Porprov.

The General Chairperson of the Badung KONI I Made Nariana welcomed the Kabaddi as an exhibition competition at the XX / 2021 PON Papua. Nariana hopes that the Kabaddi athletes who win Porprov Bali in Tabanan will be recruited to defend Bali in Papua.

"We have high hopes that the Badung men's Kabbadi team will be selected for the exhibition at PON Papua. The reason is, the Badung Kabaddi team is the overall winner in Porprov. This means that the quality is tested at the Bali level. From existing habits, the best team is sent to represent Bali," he said Made Nariana.

The former general chairman of KONI Bali stressed his commitment to provide maximum support to Badung athletes competing in PON Papua. This opportunity must be maximized. In addition to carrying the name Bali, it is also a trial event before Porprov Bali.

For that, said Nariana, all opportunities should be maximized properly. Especially in increasing flight hours. Because the final orientation of all of them is towards achievement. So whatever the event must be followed with full responsibility. Including Kabaddi, although it is limited to an exhibition, it is very good to follow. Moreover, it is at the national level, so we have gained a lot of valuable experience.

"Badung is starting to prepare for a biennial multi event. Moreover, the status of the host, keeping the overall champion is a target we have to lock," said Nariana.

Badung, as the host of Porprov Bali 2022, said Nariana, must be able to defend the overall title, of course with as many gold medals as possible. Later all the potential of sports must be maximized. Without practice, hard work, and seriousness in the match test, achievement is impossible. Appearing at PON Papua is also a golden opportunity to measure one's abilities.

"We hope the athletes from Kabaddi Badung can target this opportunity," said Nariana, who is also the former chairman of PWI Bali. Meanwhile, the Kabaddi board of Badung Regency indicated their readiness to prepare their athletes to compete in the XX / 2021 PON Papua which was competed in an exhibition.

The head of the Badung Regency, I Kadek Sudharma Hariawan, admitted that he was very ready to represent Bali in PON Papua. Although it is only recently competed in exhibition. Incidentally Kabaddi entered the exhibition sport, we are ready to donate athletes to defend Bali at PON Papua.

"And, athletes from Kabaddi Badung have flying hours in various competitions, both at the regional, national, and even international levels. And, if the Badung Kabaddi team is given the opportunity to defend Bali, it will give the best achievement for the Island of the Gods, "said Sudharma Hariawan.

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