Archery Banten Province Aims for Gold in PON Papua

The Banten Province Archery sport branch will not lower its target at the Papua National Sports Week (PON) in 2021 even though the team's training is disrupted due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Daniel Harsoyo, as the archery trainer of Banten Province, said that his party had the ambition to raise the gold medal target of the 2016 PON.

Banten is one of the leading archery athletes. Of course we will protect this tradition. This means that for PON 2021 later, we will not change the target. If 2016 then 1 gold, hopefully 2021 can win two gold. There must be an increase, "he said.

Daniel said that there are nine athletes consisting of four women and five men who will fight for the gold medal at PON later.

Uniquely, the athletes train independently in three regions according to the closest location of each athlete, namely, in Puspitek, South Tangerang, in Tangerang City and in Sawangan, Depok.

"I myself monitored through exercise videos, and tried to visit their practice sites one by one," he added.

Not only that, this man who was born in Lampung on September 11, 1982 explained that his athletes will always be monitored through the points collected in each exercise.

"Archery is a measurable sport. There are points that are generated. If their points decrease, that means there is a problem. We will immediately evaluate that. Athletes already know their respective duties to maintain their performance," he concluded.

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