After the Governor, the Speaker of the DPR Manokwari also supports Otsus

Recently the Governor of West Papua, Drs. Dominggus invites the people of West Papua to support the sustainability of Special Autonomy (Otsus) Volume II. The same support and commitment was conveyed by the Chairman of the Manokwari DPRD.

Yustus Dowansiba, Chairman of the Manokwari DPRD, said that for Manokwari Regency, Otsus has been felt especially in education, health and community welfare.

"I, as the Chairperson of the Manokwari DPRD, support the sustainability of Otsus in Manokwari in order to improve the welfare of the community. I also invite the community to support Otsus volume II, especially in the fields of education and health," said Yustus.

He did not deny that currently there are still those who say that Otsus has failed to bring prosperity to the Papuan people, because there are still many OAP people who still have to pay for treatment.

Until, Yustus suggested that the distribution of the special autonomy funds should follow the method of channeling village funds that were given directly to the community so that the funds provided by the government could be directly felt by the community, "he explained.

"I have reached the lowest level and the community has not felt the impact of the special autonomy. They asked that the distribution of the special autonomy funds be able to follow the method of distributing village funds directly so that the impact could be felt directly by the community, ”suggested Yustus.

However, said Yustus, the sustainability of the autonomy was fully under the authority of the Central Government.

"The authority lies with the Central Government. What the public wants in the government's special autonomy is to improve especially in education and health, ”said Yustus, while supporting the audit of the use of the special autonomy fund.

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