Aceh Athletic Sports Wishing Two Gold PON Papua

Athletic sports that are preparing two athletes namely Burhan and Fuad Ramadhan through regional concentration (Pelatda) are expected to contribute two gold medals to Aceh at PON XX / 2021 in Papua.

That hope was conveyed by the General Chairperson of KONI Aceh, Muzakir Manaf represented by Deputy General Chair III for Research and Development (R & D), Teuku Rayuan Sukma when he opened the Athletics Regional Championship (Kejurda) at the Harapan Bangsa Stadium, Banda Aceh.

Rayuan hopes that athletics with two running numbers, Fuad Ramadhan 400 meters and Burhan 200 meters should be able to win two gold medals in Papua.

"If PON XIX / 2016 West Java wins a gold medal, Papua must be able to maintain it and add one more to two gold," pleaded Seduction while motivating the Aceh Provincial PASI and athletes.

He said that the regional championships were held as coaching to get reliable athletes who were prepared for various national events and face PON XXI / 2024 Aceh-North Sumatra.

Through this Kejurda, he hoped, many reliable athletes could be prepared for PON XXI / 2024. "Even though athletics are contested in Sumatra, because Aceh and North Sumatra host PON together, we are trying to no longer prequalify. Aceh and North Sumatra athletes can immediately appear in PON," said the former Aceh Kadispora, who was greeted with applause from the athletes.

Seduction also appreciated the PASI Aceh Provincial Government for being able to hold a Regional Office in the midst of the 2019 Coronavirus Desease (Covid-19) pandemic while still following the health protocol (Prokes), so that athletes were not exposed to Covid.

Meanwhile, the General Chairperson of the Indonesian Athletic Association (Pengprov PASI) Aceh, Drs Bachtiar Hasan, in his report said that this athletic regional championship was attended by 120 delegated athletes from 15 districts / cities in Aceh.

"Maybe because of the conditions of the Covid Pandemic, not all regions have sent their athletes to participate in this Regional Championship. Next year we hope that all districts / cities can participate in this event with more athletes," he said.

Bachtiar said, Kejurda is part of the work program for the achievement development of the Aceh PASI Pengprov which is held annually. "In this Regional Championship, there will be competitions for the 100, 200 and 400 meter running numbers. Plus the special exhibition numbers are hurdling and high jump," Bachtiar concluded.

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