9 West Papua Pilkada Candidates Asked to Maintain Security

West Papua Governor Dominggus Mandacan invited the 2020 Pilkada participants in the nine provincial districts to be compact in maintaining security stability in their respective regions.
"We will keep it together so that until December 9, when the voting takes place, all stages of the Pilkada will run smoothly," the governor said in Manokwari, Wednesday.

He also hopes that candidates, success teams and supporting parties can clearly convey their vision and mission and work programs during their campaign. Thus the community understands and can make choices.

"Competing in a healthy manner, maximizing the delivery of the vision and mission and work programs. Do not provoke the people, we will protect West Papua so that it remains safe and development progresses," he hoped.

The governor also invited the public not to abstain from voting in the 2020 simultaneous regional elections. Public participation in choosing the great benefits for regional development in the next five years.

"Those who already have voting rights, make sure on December 9 they will come to the TPS (polling station). Choose according to the vision and mission, not because of provocation and so on," said Mandacan.

The governor also hopes that the candidates and the successful team pay attention to health protocols while campaigning. The main public health and safety from Covid-19.

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