13 PON Athletes from Tabanan Have Independent Training

A total of 13 Tabanan athletes will compete in the XX Papua 2021 National Sports Week (PON). Even though the implementation is postponed, this athlete is still being trained to be more ready when he competes next year.

The 13 Tabanan athletes who will strengthen the Bali contingent are Kadek Candi Wijayanti from the Karate sport, Made Paramasuta Wijaya from the Wushu sport, Raditya from the Motor Racing sport, Kadek Wahyu Prihartana Giri from the Pencak Silat sport.

Then I Gusti Ayu Guna Kakihara and Anny Pandini from the Judo sport and Ni Kadek Rani Puspa Nirmala Sari, Ni Luh Mita Cahyani, Ni Kadek Kertiasih, Ayu Sinta Dewi, Ni Wayan Julianingsih, Ni Made Lusiana Gustanti, Ni Kadek Feby Riana Safitri, and Ni Putu Ary Anjani from Rugby sport.

The General Secretary of KONI Tabanan, I Made Nurbawa, explained that the 13 athletes should have undergone the Regional Training Center (Pelatda) in the Province since February 2020. However, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Pelatda was postponed.

"Because there is no follow-up, we finally trained Tabanan athletes independently in Tabanan," he said.

He added that so far the progress of the temporary program has only been running for 60 percent. The independent training will continue until KONI Bali reopens the Pelatda schedule. "We do this training to strengthen athlete preparation," he continued.

Nurbawa said the training was carried out by Rugby sport at the Debes Stadium, Motor Racing at the Tengkudak Circuit, Penebel. Pencak Silat at Padepokan Silat Blayu and Kediri, Wushu sport at Sasana Genta Dewata Dauh Pala Tabanan, Judo field in a number of locations, including Pelatnas Jakarta, and Karate at Rindam IX / Udayana Kediri.

"With this independent training, we hope that athletes can be more prepared to undergo Pelatda later, before competing in PON next year," he said.

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