West Papua is Ready to Realize Peaceful and Honest Pilkada

West Papua Province will carry out a Declaration of Concurrent Election 2020 which is healthy, honest, just, safe and peaceful.

The declaration was made in the 9 districts that carried out the pilkada, including organizers, supervisors, pilkada participants, and all elements involved in implementing simultaneous elections with the security forces.

In this declaration, an integrity pact was also signed by virtually all of the 9 regions implementing the regional elections by the prospective regent and deputy regent candidates.

The declaration resulted in 3 points, namely:

Together upholding the principle of salus populi suprema Lex esto that the safety of the people is the highest law.

Implementing and realizing healthy 2020 simultaneous elections by complying with health protocols to prevent and break the chain of spread of Covid-19.

Implementing and realizing 2020 simultaneous elections that are honest, fair, safe, peaceful, with integrity without hoaxes and without the politicization of SARA.
Kodam XVIII Kasuari is ready to oversee the five-year democratic party in the regional head elections in West Papua, which will be attended by 9 districts / cities.
"Kasuari Kodam continues to oversee the elections in a peaceful and smooth state, and is guided by health protocols. We hope there is a need for strict sanctions for violators of health protocols at the simultaneous regional election stages, "he explained.

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