West Papua Governor Asks FKUB to Maintain Harmony Ahead of Pilkada

The Governor of West Papua Dominggus Mandacan asked all elements of society to make the Pilkada successful at the same time on 9 December 2020, by maintaining harmony between religious believers.

Therefore, the Governor specifically asked the forum for religious harmony (FKUB) to carry out its duties and functions in strengthening institutions and maintaining harmony, so that the noble mission of maintaining harmony and diversity can be carried out properly.

The number one person in West Papua Province urges all parties to obey President Joko Widodo's directives regarding a healthy and quality democracy towards a dignified regional election.

Governor Dominggus Mandacan emphasized four things at the West Papua Province interfaith harmony forum workshop with the theme 'Maintaining harmony towards a healthy and quality democracy' at a hotel in Manokwari, West Papua.

This is the description.

  1. to the bureaucracy, TNI, and Polri to remain neutral and not take sides with certain candidate pairs.
  2. do not allow the use of languages, narratives, symbols that endanger the unity of society.
  3. Pilkada organizers to work hard to produce a quality pilkada process.
  4. hope and support from religious leaders, traditional leaders, community leaders as well as activists, academics in the regions to support the efforts as stated in point one to point three

By carrying out these four important things, West Papua will be able to make West Papua a pioneer province of inter-religious harmony and tolerance in Indonesia.

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