We Keerom Indigenous Peoples Support Otsus

The support for sustainability amidst the current polemic of rejection of Otsus continues, as expressed by the Chairman of the Keerom Customary Council, Servo Tuamis. According to him, the sustainability of Otsus will determine the development of Papua for future generations.

"The existence of Special Autonomy for Papua is right, in order to accelerate the development and welfare of the Papuan people. We as Orang Asli Keerom parents want our children to progress like children outside Papua, "he said

Servo continued, what should be an important note for the sustainability of Otsus is revision, because it is important for future policies.

"We, from the Keerom Customary Council, do not reject Otsus, but soon the central government will check with the regional government regarding the distribution of the Special Autonomy Fund whether it is in accordance with its allocation," Servo explained.

Servo revealed that as far as Otsus is rolling, there are still many things that need to be improved, one of which is transparency. Because of this, many consider Otsus a failure and reject Otsus.

"I, on behalf of the Chairperson of the Keerom Customary Council, convey that there is nothing wrong with the Special Autonomy Fund but what is wrong is that government officials do not manage it well, especially in Keerom District, the Otsus fund is not transparent in its management," Servo added.

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