Veronica Koman is running low on materials to provoke Papuans.

He raised the racist issue in 2018 that Papuans and Indonesians have forgotten. Basic propocators are always looking for issues to fry in the media. Pity for sacrificing honor as an Indonesian citizen for low popularity under the control of foreign agents who are anti-Indonesian.

The Indonesian people gave the title to Veronica Koman as a traitor to the nation behind her profession as a human rights defender. Why? Veronica Koman did not question the killing of members of the TNI, POLRI, motorcycle taxi drivers, traders in Wamena and workers for the Bridge project in Yigi Nduga District by the KKB? But always critical of the actions of the TNI and POLRI in carrying out their duties to secure and protect the people from KKSB oppression.

Veronica, try to open the eyes of your heart, actually what kind of human rights violations you defend. Human rights are universal, so Veronica Koman should not selectively choose to only question human rights related to the KKB.

#VeronicaKomanProvokator #OPMRealSeparatis #PapuaIndonesia #IndonesiaMaju

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