Urge the President to Accelerate the Expansion of Papua

Hundreds of residents of Sorong, West Papua, staged a peaceful demonstration at the courtyard of the Sorong Mayor's Office. In the action, the masses consisting of the Presidium group for the expansion of the new autonomous region (DOB) Southwest Papua (PBD), tribal leaders, women and 5 Cipayung groups, urged President Joko Widodo and Minister of Home Affairs Tito Karnavian to immediately accelerate the expansion. one more province in the bird's head, namely the new autonomous region PBD.

The chairman of the Presidium for the expansion of the new autonomous regions of the PBD candidate Yosafat Kambu said, the struggle for the expansion of the candidates for the Province of West Papua Barat has been going on for 13 years, but until now the struggle has not been fruitful.

"What's the matter, why until 13 years the candidate for the province of southwest Papua has not been split. We mean our presence from the presidium team with all the chiefs of all the tribes of Sorong Raya at the office of the mayor of Sorong, to convey our attitude and voice. The southwestern province of Papua can be expanded by President Jokowi, "said Yosafat Kambu.

According to Yosafat, the struggle for the expansion of the DOB PBD candidates has received the presidential mandate three times (Ampres). But until now, the central government has not divided PBD as a new province on the bird's head. "We have received the Ampres three times, but until now why has southwest Papua not been split? What is the reason why it has not been split in West Papua," he said.

The Mayor of Sorong City, Lambert Jitmau, stated that he accepted all the aspirations of the community. "God will definitely give the best for us, we all just pray because everything will be beautiful in its time. President Jokowi is the parent of all of us, as a parent he must also have love for children in this country," he added.

President Jokowi, continued Lambert, is a wise and wise parent figure. So if possible in the expansion later, West Papua must also be divided into one province.

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