Towards a Safe and Peaceful Pilkada in Papua

Seven Acting Regent (Acting) regents in Papua Province, officially confirmed the Deputy Governor of Papua Klemen Tinal.

The seven Acting Regents who were inaugurated, namely Papua Regional Secretary General Assistant Ridwan Rumasukun as Acting Keerom Regent, Assistant for the Economy and Welfare of the Papua Regional Secretary Muhammad Musa'ad as Acting Regent of Waropen and Expert Staff to the Governor of Papua Simeon Itlay as Acting Regent of Yalimo.

Then, the Expert Staff of the Governor of Papua for Economic Affairs Hosea Murib as Acting Regent of Yahukimo, Expert Staff of the Governor of Papua in the field of Special Autonomy Development Triwarno Purnomo as Acting Regent of Asmat, Expert Staff of the Governor of Papua for Indigenous Peoples Development Paskalis Netep as Acting Regent of Boven Digoel and Head of Governance Bureau and Papua Regional Secretariat Otsus Jimmy Wanimbo as Acting Regent of Bintang Mountains.

The Deputy Governor on that occasion also reminded regional heads whose regions are the organizers of the 2020 regional elections to improve discipline in implementing health protocols.

It is known that the seven acting regents who were inaugurated came from high-ranking officials from the Papua Provincial Government.

More specifically, for the newly inaugurated interim regent officials, in order to ensure the implementation of health protocols during the implementation of the 2020 regional elections.

"In essence, during the Covid-19 pandemic, health protocols must be adhered to and followed properly in all stages of organizing the Pilkada".

Meanwhile, four out of 11 districts that held the Pilkada simultaneously, did not fill in a temporary position, namely Supiori, Nabire, Merauke and Mamberamo Raya.

The term of office of the Supiori and Nabire Regents has completed two terms. Meanwhile, Merauke and Mamberamo Raya, regents and vice regents did not advance in the regional elections.

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