The Red and White Movement Fully Supports the Continuation of Special Autonomy

The West Papua Province Red and White Movement fully supports the sustainability of Special Autonomy (Otsus).

Plt. The West Papua Red and White Movement, Imanuel Yenu, said that the presence of Otsus for 20 years since the enactment of Law Number 21 of 2001, aims to elevate the dignity and dignity of indigenous Papuans.

“Special Autonomy has had a good impact on our people in the Land of Papua. We can see Papua before special autonomy, and Papua after special autonomy, ”he said

After the special autonomy, said Yenu, development in the Land of Papua was so rapid, both in Papua and West Papua Provinces.

From an educational perspective, indigenous Papuan children can attend a number of universities abroad or at home.

The same is true of the health sector with many hospitals and other health facilities.

"In terms of education, infrastructure, health and from the economic side it was born quickly. It's different from before the special autonomy, "he said.

He also acknowledged that in the management of Otsus, there are still many shortcomings which of course can be fixed for the future. Thus, the utilization of the Special Autonomy fund is maximized for the welfare of indigenous Papuans.

He continued, the presence of the Special Autonomy Law also makes it easier for regions to regulate the policies of regional heads who are indigenous Papuans, cultural institutions such as the Papuan People's Council and the DPR from the appointment mechanism.

According to him, the rejection of Otsus is a loss. This is because there is no specific regulation used as a basis for regulating regional authority.

"If the Special Autonomy Law does not exist, it means that we are implementing the law which takes place nationally. That means that anyone from Sumatra, Maluku, or Kalimantan may come here to be the governor of this place and the deputy governor. Likewise, the House of Representatives to appoint Otsus no longer exists, nor does the MRP exist anymore, ”Yenus added.

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