The Governor of Mandacan asks the simultaneous regional elections in 9 districts to be safe

Ahead of the Election for Regional Heads of Regents and Deputy Regents in the Nine Districts implementing the upcoming 9 December 2020 Pilkada, the Governor of West Papua Dominggus Mandacan asked all people in West Papua to maintain security and order ahead of the December 9 elections.

West Papua Governor Dominggus Mandacan is optimistic that the simultaneous regional elections will be held in the nine regencies of the province will run safely. The governor invited all parties, one of which was the Forum for Religious Harmony (FKUB), to work together to keep West Papua safe in the 2020 regional elections.

Like the previous elections, said the governor, the Pilkada was successful, safe and smooth thanks to the cooperation of all elements. This time, Dominggus invited all parties to commit and join hands in keeping West Papua safe at this democratic party.

"In the previous election, we could return from prone to safety. The 2020 Pilkada certainly could. Now those who make it unsafe, those who make it insecure, have interests," said Mandacan again.

"By maintaining security, the Pilkada in West Papua is safe and conducive. Without conflict, it can harm both oneself and society," said Dominggus.

He added that keeping the local elections safe and conducive has the same commitment to safeguard this area. "Thus West Papua, specifically in Manokwari, the healthy, safe and peaceful Pilkada applies a health protocol. We hope, December 9, the democratic party will run smoothly, "he added.

The governor also asked all citizens to exercise their respective voting rights freely and confidentially to determine which candidate pairs to run for regents and deputy regents.

"We follow the campaign, they are in delivering the vision and mission of programs and policies. When they are elected, they become regional heads. What did they do, did they build people's interests, ”he said.

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