The East Java Women's Handball Team Made Preparations Again

Having successfully brought bronze in Pra PON XX Papua, the East Java women's handball team is now preparing to face PON Papua in 2021.

Although after resting for 5 months due to the Covid 19 pandemic, this team made by Muhammad Harryanto returned to a training camp at the Futsal Sports Center (GOR), Unesa, Surabaya.

According to Muhammad Harryanto, with the target of the gold medal given by the East Java KONI at PON Papua, he is optimistic that the women's handball team can achieve it. Even so, he admitted that the team's current condition was still 70 percent. That's because some athletes still need adaptations to their teammates.

"They are still adapting, because there are several athletes who have just entered, so they still have to adjust. We've been walking for game practice and so on. Because indeed we are targeted to win gold. So we will pursue it, "said Harry.

Harry assessed that his children have a good mental competitive edge, so that it becomes a valuable asset to compete in the XX Papua 2020 PON. “The women's team showed significant mental progress in the game and understanding of the game. The children are on the right track to continue progressing individually and as a team, ”he said.

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