The agenda for the inauguration of the XX PON arena has been postponed

The inauguration of the XX National Sports Week (PON) arena which was originally to be held on Tuesday (20/10/20) has changed. The agenda was postponed on Friday (23/10/20).

This was revealed by the head of the inauguration committee who is also the chairman of the XX PON Grand Committee (PB), Yunus Wonda.

Yunus said, the shift in the inauguration agenda was because the committee still needed a little time to prepare the equipment and the concept of the event that would be held virtually.

"Due to the pandemic situation, there was a shift to October 23, this was done so that athletes and the field of events could prepare better preparations to be held virtually," said Yunus.

The ceremonial inauguration of the XX PON venue will be held in conjunction with the change of name from Sentani airport to Theys Eluay, 365 days countdown to the PON event, the launch of the number of OAPs and the readiness of athletes. It is certain that a number of agendas will be held virtually because they do not get permission from the police regarding the pandemic conditions.

The ceremony is planned to be attended only by the Governor of Papua, Lukas Enembe, the members of the Muspida and certain groups. However, Yunus could not confirm how many visitors the Governor's entourage would attend at the inauguration.

However, he still suggested that the inauguration be done virtually and did not involve many people at the location of the inauguration.

"The results of the meeting, we must participate in the success of the event, but we have to see the development of conditions and we must comply with the Covid 19 protocol. Our virtual advice is the best. If we want to force it, maybe it will be represented by the Muspida and a few people, but for many people we don't allow it. We know that the spread of Covid-19 in Papua is still relatively high. That is what we must protect from gathering many people, "he concluded.

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