Support Otsus for the Future of Papuan Youth

The special autonomy will be extended for the next 20 years. All Papuans support special autonomy volume 2 because they have enjoyed the results. The children can go to school with scholarships and they are guaranteed a bright future. So that not only SDA is built by special autonomy funds, but also human resources.

When President Jokowi appointed special staff from millennial circles, the public was shocked because there was a Papuan son among the ranks of great people. He is Billy Mabrasar, a 30 year old youth who makes the Earth of Cendrawasih scent. At a very young age, he has a foundation, and is now trusted to work at the State Palace.

Billy is one of the many alumni of the OTSUS scholarship. Since the special autonomy was held in 2001, there has been a special fund for education. The allocation is not only for building schools, but is also given in the form of scholarships to Papuan sons. So that they can be smarter and no longer identical with illiterate children.

The special autonomy scholarships are given not only for elementary students, but also for junior high school, high school, vocational school, to university levels. For the university level, the average Papuan youth study in Java to study on campus with an A accreditation. After graduating, they return to Cendrawasih Earth and devote themselves to their hometowns, as a form of gratitude.

There is also an academy in Papua that accepts students with special autonomy scholarships, namely the aviation academy. In Bumi Cenderawasih it is getting more advanced, so there is a special campus to educate airmen, so you don't have to go far to study in Java. Interestingly, if you study at the Academy, you will easily be accepted to work at Sentani International Airport.

The special autonomy status given to Papua has indeed made people's lives better. Apart from receiving scholarships for schools and colleges, youths are also given the opportunity to register as members of the TNI. There is a special special autonomy route given to Papuan sons so that they will be motivated to participate in the selection process and study at a military academy.

The special autonomy route to enlist in the army was provided. First, because the number of officers in Papua is still insufficient, because of the vast territory. Second, the youth of Bumi Cendrawasih have a strong physique, making them suitable to be members of the TNI. They will be proud and try their best to protect Papua and West Papua from separatists.

Apart from being soldiers, Papuan youths can also be directed to become entrepreneurs. The special autonomy fund for education can be considered as non-formal education. Many teenagers can be trained to do business and manage their own business. Moreover, in Papua there are still many raw materials that can be processed and traded, for example sago and tubers.

If they become entrepreneurs, it will ease the burden on the government, because it reduces the number of unemployed. Especially if the business grows bigger and requires new employees. In Papua it will be more prosperous because everyone has a job and many are passionate about becoming entrepreneurs.

So, people on Earth of Cendrawasih are eagerly awaiting the extension of the special autonomy system. Because this program has proven to develop Papua quickly, it has become a busy tourist destination. In addition, the special autonomy funds in the form of scholarships also make the future of Papuan youth bright, because they can get decent education and work.

There should be no more persons who refuse to extend the otsus, because the funds have been enjoyed by many groups. The special autonomy program is not only for building infrastructure and natural resources, but also for human resources. Papuans are smart and can build their own territory.

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