Special Autonomy to Build Papua

One of President Joko Widodo's commitments during his tenure as president of Indonesia is to boost infrastructure development and interregional connectivity, especially in underdeveloped, frontier and outermost (3T) areas.

One of the priority areas for infrastructure development is Papua and West Papua Provinces.

The President believes that the infrastructure development program, especially in Papua, will be able to increase mobility, lift the local economy, and ultimately improve the lives of the people.

So a road construction was carried out that connected the entire territory of Papua, which was called the Trans Papua road, with a length of about 4,330 kilometers. The road stretches from the city of Sorong in West Papua Province to Merauke in Papua Province.

The construction of the Trans Papua road certainly means a lot to Papuans. Given the development of infrastructure such as roads is one of the urgent problems that the government must work on, due to the isolation of residents in several areas of Papua, due to limited infrastructure so far.

The presence of the Trans Papua road is economically of high value because it can reduce the time for distribution of goods, thus making the price of basic commodities more affordable.

To be honest, we people in Papua, during the administration of President Joko Widodo, felt grateful and grateful, because there have been many advances in infrastructure development in Papua and West Papua Provinces.

We do not doubt how serious President Joko Widodo is in developing Papua with his heart, so that infrastructure progress is very rapid now, when compared to the previous presidential leadership.

Prioritizing infrastructure development for the land of Papua also indicates President Joko Widodo's understanding that dealing with the Papuan problem does not always have to go through a security approach, by mobilizing the strength of the armed forces, but only requires the presence of the state in the form of a consistent attitude and high commitment to building infrastructure, such as roads, bridges, ports and airports.

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