Special Autonomy Gives Life

The people of Papua welcomed the special autonomy. Starting from the civilians to regional heads support the continuation of the special autonomy, because it can bring progress to the land of paradise. Papua is no longer marginalized, because the government always pays attention to it. Especially since President Joko Widodo's leadership.

Within 20 years it has been proven that there is progress in the Papua region. Many facilities were built, scholarships were provided, and regulations that promote the area there were enforced.

In special autonomy, Papuans are given special rights to regulate their area and a governor or mayor must come from the land of paradise.

So far, the policy in special autonomy has been good enough, but it can be evaluated. Regional heads in Saireri and Tanah Tabi, Papua, support Otsus on this condition. according to the Chairperson of the Tabi Regional Heads Forum and Saireri Mathius Awoitauw, the implementation of special autonomy must be evaluated and continued. Of course, so that there are developments in the implementation of Otsus.

Evaluation is needed so that the special autonomy funds are really absorbed by the community. Do not let any money enter but there is no change in the welfare of the Papuan people. Or even the money was corrupted by unscrupulous people, so that the special autonomy program failed to be implemented in the region.

The main improvement in the quality of human resources is through education. So if a school building is built, there must also be competent teachers.

The scholarships that have been given to Papuan children are good enough and they can study all the way to Java. However, native Papuans must also be willing when they are called back to Paradise to advance their region.

Otsus was welcomed by the Papuan people and their regional leaders. Special autonomy is considered to be able to advance Papua through development in all fields.

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