Special Autonomy for Papua Local Welfare Solutions

John Siffy Mirin, a member of the DPR RI for Papua and West Papua, thinks that the special autonomy (Otsus) for Papua and West Papua really needs to be evaluated. As stated by President Joko Widodo or Jokowi.

However, it is recognized that Otsus Papua and West Papua is one of the solutions to the problems of the welfare of the local community.

The member of the DPR RI from the PAN faction hopes that Otsus will be able to minimize economic disparities and development in Papua. Because at this time, Otsus seems to only benefit a handful of parties.

President Joko Widodo or Jokowi asked for a re-evaluation of the Papua and West Papua special autonomy fund distribution systems. As is known, the legal umbrella for this policy, namely Law Number 21 of 2001 concerning the Papua Special Autonomy Fund, will end in 2021.

"The instruments used by the central government to accelerate development in Papua and West Papua are not only by channeling special autonomy funds but also using various other acceleration instruments sourced from the state budget," said Jokowi.

Therefore, Jokowi asked all relevant ministers to instill new enthusiasm and new designs in the policy of providing special autonomy funds in the future. This must be done, for the leap of progress and welfare of the people of Papua and West Papua.

"So far, has it been right on target, to what extent is the impact. Has the special autonomy fund been directly felt by the community," said Jokowi.

Then, in the future, Jokowi asked for consultation with all components of the local community. Namely by talking with community and religious leaders in Papua.

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