Shooting Venue XX PON Completed 100 Percent

The shooting venue for the XX National Sports Week (PON) located in Kampung Harapan and Auri Sentani, Jayapura Regency, has met international standards.

The construction of the shooting venue which is being carried out by PT Nindya Karya has been completed one hundred percent and is now in the cleaning stage.

PT Nindya Karya (Persero) Site Engineer Manager, Sophian Badollahi, said that the construction of indoor and outdoor shooting venues has been completed and in recent days cleaning is being carried out.

"We are cleaning it because this shooting venue will be inaugurated by the Governor of Papua, 20 October 2020," he said.

He said the Papua Indoor Shooting venue implements strict security regulations, such as in the shooting arena and is also equipped with a warehouse for storing weapons and bullets using cell-like bars.

In addition, specifically for indoor shooting venues, athletes' dormitories are provided. "According to the contact, the construction of the indoor and outdoor shooting venue was completed one hundred percent in September," he said.

Sophian added, the shooting venue for Papua also has world championship standards. Where, there are a number of halls or function areas including running targets, finall halls.

For the capacity of spectators, he said, for the 50 meter race area it accommodates 250 spectators, at 10 meters 300 spectators, running targets are 35 spectators, and the final hall is 150 spectators.

Meanwhile, the outdoor shooting venue in the AURI complex, which has an area of ​​84 hectares, can also be said to be the best shooting venue. "Shooting venues are international standards and this is even the best repair field in Indonesia," he said.

According to him, the outdoor shooting venue itself prepared a 3 number field for the type of sport, shot reactions, shot skeet and trap and shot special 300 meters.

"Apart from being the best, the supporting facilities for this shooting venue are also complete. All match numbers can be competed, from a safety point of view we also take all of them into account, "he said.

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