Return to join in Bali

Karateka class kumite -60 kg I Kadek Krisna Dwi Antara decided to return to Bali to undergo group training.

He had permission from his unit at YONZIKON 13 / KE, Jagakarsa, South Jakarta until the end of 2020. "I just arrived in Bali. I came home because I wanted to join the training with other Balinese karateka to prepare for PON Papua 2021," said Kadek Krisna.

Kadek Krisna said that while on duty in Jakarta he continued to undergo physical training to maintain his body condition. Exercise is done every afternoon for 30 minutes and only alone.

"That's why I gave permission to my superiors to take part in the TC preparation for PON in Bali. With joint training, at least it is more enthusiastic than training alone. Plus someone monitors it," said Karateka who is usually called Koncet.

The 2017 and 2019 Porprov Bali gold medalist said that the Bali Karateka group training was undertaken in February 2020. However, in April 2020, Kadek Krisna received a call to return to Jakarta. Only in October was he allowed to return to practice in Bali.

Kadek Krisna will also focus on training so that the target of winning is achieved. Moreover, PON Papua is his first step, so he doesn't want to miss it. According to him, competition in the -60 kg class is not easy, but he is optimistic that he can make it happen.

"The question of competitors in PON is of course tough. From Pra PON 2019 there are champions from Lampung. Rinner-up from West Sumatra and third from Central Java. While I am in fifth place. But I am optimistic about achieving the best results in PON Papua," said the first winner in Panglima TNI Open 2017 and 2018.

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