PON Papua Volleyball Team Tactics and Techniques Test in Sidoarjo

The trial matches of the PON Papua men's and women's sand volleyball team with the East Java PON sand volleyball men's and women's teams were held at the Deltras Sand volleyball gym, Sidoarjo, East Java.

Section Head of Beach Volleyball at the Papua Province PBVSI Pengprov, Commissioner Zeth Salino said that the volleyball team's trials had been carried out twice in order to try out. The first was conducted in Makassar, South Sulawesi Province and currently the second try out is taking place in Sidoarjo, East Java Province.

"At the try out in Makassar, there are still shortcomings, but the athlete's condition has reached 75 percent. This is our chance to see first hand the athletes' development by conducting a match test with the East Java junior team," he explained, Wednesday (28/10) ).

According to him, the techniques and tactics carried out by the Papuan men's and women's PON volleyball team have gone well

"However, there are several things that need to be addressed, especially the problem of feeling, placing the ball, strategy and also mentally competing," he said.

Zeth said, after the try out in Sidoarjo, the try out will be continued in Subang. "We hope that our athletes will have no problems and injuries, against the team in Subang and we are always instructed to maintain health and health protocols in the midst of a pandemic," he explained.

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