Pemekaran is good for the progress of Papua's economy and human resources

Through expansion, Papua is expected to enjoy economic growth in addition to improving the Human Development Index (HDI). Thus, there is no imbalance in welfare and human resources with other provinces, especially with the progress of education.

The most important thing in carrying out the expansion is that it must still refer to the existing laws as the legal umbrella.

LIPI researcher Siti Zuhro stated that after Papua and West Papua Provinces, it was possible for Papua to be divided into three additional provinces to become five provinces. The next three provinces are Southwest Papua, South Papua and Central Papua.

However, Siti Zuhro reminded that the division of the three provinces provided that Papua had to build a bureaucracy or prepare competent human resources and prepare reliable regional economic potential.

For the formation of the New Autonomous Region (DOB), said Siti Zuhro, the readiness of local human resources [bureaucracy] is an absolute must. Adequate and competent human resources are needed to run the government bureaucracy effectively, efficiently and professionally.

"If not, then the government cannot be run effectively, efficiently and professionally. So it will go bankrupt, as a result of not being able to achieve development targets, "said Siti.

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