Papuan Students in Bogor Support Papua's Special Autonomy

Papuan students living in Bogor held a socialization of support for the Papua special autonomy program (Otsus) volume II.

According to them, so far Papua's Special Autonomy has had a positive impact on them and the nation's children from Eastern Indonesia.

"Otsus Papua has had a positive impact on the development of Papua. As Papuan students, we feel we have a responsibility to provide solutions to the government for the continuation of Otsus by considering improving aspects of education, infrastructure and health," said Turua.

He and his fellow Papuan students who acted on behalf of the Papuan Millennial Students asked the government not to stop the program.

On the same occasion, another Papuan student, Nyala, was worried that if Papua's Special Autonomy was stopped, the number of Papuan generations who dropped out of school would be even higher.

"If Otsus is stopped, the dropout rate will increase, not to mention unemployment, then who is responsible for future generations of Papua," he said.

Furthermore, Nyala also said that students are the assets of the nation who will be the successor of leadership in the future. Therefore, as the younger generation of Papua, they will make any efforts in the interests of Papua and Indonesia.

"Students are agents of social change, so we must be at the forefront to fight for the fate of the people. Education is the government's priority to improve the quality of the Papuan millennial generation, so that the Papuan generation is able to contribute to the progress and development of national development, "he concluded.

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